Our Fabrics

'A label that makes some of the best-fitting we've ever tried' - GQ Fashion Editor - Nick Carvell

We craft luxurious, every day garments by merging our classic styles with the finest fabrics in the world. From Italy to Mongolia, we travel the world sourcing raw materials and fabrics, ensuring each of our garments are not only luxurious to touch but also last – no matter how often you wear them. We place supreme focus on the finer details - from arm length to depth of neckline. We craft all fabrics and styles, exclusively for bergano greys. These are garments that radiate understated elegance and are unrivalled in this arena, by taking the best elements of traditional yarns blended with modern principles.

‘bergano greys have taken the seemingly mundane, basic t-shirt and transformed it into something precise, luxurious and stylish’. – Lux-fix.com

Lusso Cotton

We began developing our Lusso Cotton in 2009 and the process took over one year to perfect. We use long staple cotton, which is then brushed to remove any flaws. This ensures an incomparably soft but firm finish. 100% Cotton.
Lusso Cotton is used in a range of our T-Shirts and Vests.

Tesoro Cotton

A Portuguese Cotton blend, our own Tesoro Cotton grants a slump, silk like finish. Finer and lighter than Lusso, Tesoro is used in a number of our T-Shirts, Vests and long sleeves and will become softer and have a 'lived-in' feel the more it is washed.

Cashmere Wool

The Cashmere (Kashmir) area spans across China, Mongolia, India and Afghanistan. The hircus goats, which populate the region have developed a superbly soft and warm undercoat, to survive in the freezing conditions of the mountains.

It is from here where we collect the cashmere, which we craft our knitwear pieces with. During molting season, when the goats shed the cashmere is collected via a precise, skilled process, which involves hand combing through the goat’s hair.

Directly from China and Mongolia, we have sourced some of the best quality cashmere known to man. All it takes is one touch to notice how special our cashmere truly is. Used in our hoodies, sweatpants and cardigans.


Sourced from the flax plant, linen is a woven fabric which we use to create garments, primarily for warmer climates.

Renowned for its cooling feel, we often blend our linen with silk for a crisp, clean finish.