Who We Are

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Adopting the phrase 'sophisticated simplicity' as our motto, bergano greys is dedicated to creating effortlessly stylish, tailored wardrobe basics.

‘bergano greys have taken the seemingly mundane, basic t-shirt and transformed it into something precise, luxurious and stylish’. – Lux-fix.com

Established to ‘Perfect’ the Back to Basics T Shirt and accredited by the likes of GQ for crafting ‘some of the best fitting we have ever tried’, bergano greys has become a one-stop-shop for luxury basics.

The ‘Perfect’ T Shirt is one that is subjective – there are many elements ranging from neckline and arm length to fitted or relaxed. We started by taking everything that is wrong with what is on the market and putting it right.

Ensuring that they do not rise at the back, shrink in the wash or fade in colour are all fundamental in the design process.

From Italy to Mongolia, we travel the world sourcing raw materials and fabrics, ensuring each of our garments are not only luxurious to touch but also last – no matter how often you wear them. We place supreme focus on the finer details and produce our entire collections in Italy & Portugal.

“These are garments for Men & Women who truly care about every aspect of their wardrobe”

 ‘The luxe basics person is unique. We appreciate fabrics, fit and consistency. We don’t care for ostentatious branding. We want quality. We strive to wear garments that radiate understated elegance. We are loyal and will trust the brands who consistently provide us our ‘staple style’”

Oliver Pollock | Founder of bergano greys