The Cashmere Hoody

Posted: Mar 26 2015


Crafted with 100% phenomenally soft cashmere - sourced from Mongolia 

Clean silver full zip
Pouch pockets
Thick drawstrings

A true luxury statement piece, The Cashmere Hoody is an extremely versatile knit. Ideal for a variety of occasions from traveling and lounging to layering under a jacket on a cold day.
Perfect when paired with a pair of jeans or sweatpants.

About our Cashmere 

The Cashmere (Kashmir) area spans across China, Mongolia, India and Afghanistan. The hircus goats, which populate the region have developed a superbly soft and warm undercoat, to survive in the freezing conditions of the mountains.

 It is from here where we collect the cashmere, which we craft our knitwear pieces with. During molting season, when the goats shed, the cashmere is collected via a precise, skilled process, which involves hand combing through the goat’s hair.

Directly from China and Mongolia, we have sourced some of the best quality cashmere known to man. All it takes is one touch to notice how special our cashmere hoody truly is.

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